The McMahon Group has had more than 300 real estate transactions since 2008 and serves real estate buyers from all over the world.


The McMahon Group, started as Home Brand Properties in 2008 by Mark and Yuko McMahon, began by flipping houses in Orange and Los Angeles counties. Over the years we have fulfilled buyers and sellers needs based on our experience in market strategy, construction, design, and sales.

We specialize in Southern California, serving local people and international investors who are seeking the best place to invest and live. We also help relocate between California, Hawaii and Japan.



Mark and Yuko McMahon


Our Philosophy


Starting with our first project and moving forward to today, every home we have sold or rebuilt has reflected both our passion and philosophy, that where you live is the most important place. When you walk through the door, the space you live in should speak to you. 

When we search for a property, it has to have all of the elements that fit your individual needs, whether it be your personal residence or an investment. Your financial and emotional well being is always our goal.


Mark and Yuko started Home Brand Properties in 2008 after realizing Yuko’s passion for design and Mark's love of building things could be combined into one company. After a few years of landscape design, I decided to get back to my roots and began to help Mark with his construction company. At the time, he was working on the first house we had purchased and was having "issues" with the design aspect. Mark is awesome when it comes to knocking things down and rebuilding them, but had a problem with the function and design of the home. I stepped in, and working together (literally, as we did all the work ourselves, kids included) we managed to put together something we were proud of. As the company progressed,Mark was able to develop a keen sense of space and began designing the floor plans while Yuko designed all of the finishes. It wasn't long before we were working full time flipping homes and helping other people with their real estate needs in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Having worked the past few years in Southern California, we have concentrated our efforts back to Orange County where we work with a team of talented people who are as passionate as we are. We feel truly blessed to be able to do exactly what we love.

Yuko Hashimoto McMahon  

Real Estate Agent/Designer/Investor


Yuko was born in Japan and spent 6 years as a gymnast, working 364 days a year at her sport. We think this is where she learned her attitude of working hard and never giving up! She graduated from Bunka Womens University in Tokyo with an interior design degree. She also studied Ikebana, the seventh century art of flower arrangement, under her mothers guidance. After graduation, Yuko worked at Arflex JAPAN and B&B Italia as a design consultant in the Tokyo office. Seeking to expand her knowledge, Yuko moved to California in 1997 to study Landscape Design. After graduating with a landscape design degree, Yuko began work as a designer and partnered with a contractor, eventually completing over 100 projects in the Newport Beach area. Beginning in 2008, Yuko saw a need to help the Japanese community understand and invest in the U.S. market. Over the past 9 years, Yuko has helped more than 250 investors realize their goals of investing in the United States. She has helped thousands of individuals and corporations understand the intricacies of Real Estate through seminars, webinars, meetings, and two published books in Japan. Her outreach has grown in the last few years to include many people from the Asian community including Japanese, Chinese, and others. Her current role is working with buyers and sellers and overseeing Home Brand Properties Rental portfolio, consisting of apartments, single family homes, and several vacation rentals in Hawaii. Yuko Lives in Southern California with her husband Mark and youngest son Lucas. She has 2 older sons, Jake and Zack, that live near by.

When Yuko is away from work, she loves camping, traveling and spending time with Mark and her 3 boys at her home in Hawaii..... and she really loves her fur baby Lucy!


Mark McMahon  

Contractor/Real Estate Agent/Property aquisition


Mark was born in Anaheim California, and grew up in Fullerton CA, Yuma AZ, Big Bear CA, and finally settled back in Orange County CA during the last two years of high school. From the age of 10, Mark worked at his Dad's construction company building all sorts of things. In 1983 he started framing houses and soon had a license and his own company. Mark has been involved in and owned many successful businesses over the years, including home construction, building maintenance, laboratory construction, Koi Pond building (he had 3 stores with his Dad), commercial building, and more. After meeting and marrying Yuko, he settled down and concentrated on rebuilding and remodeling homes. Mark currently concentrates on working with buyers and sellers, using his design and construction experience to help clients find or sell their perfect home.

Mark loves camping, fishing, staying fit and hanging out with family and friends. His 3 boys adore him, as does his pup Lucy. Of course, so does Yuko!



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